How To Avoid Back Injury with Chiropractic in Carrollton TX

How To Avoid Back Injury with Chiropractic in Carrollton TX

How To Avoid Back Injury with Chiropractic

Back injuries do not occur to people at random in Carrollton TX and you are not just unlucky if you happen to experience one. While injuries from car accidents or falls are out of your hands, most back injuries are a result of poor maintenance of the body. This is actually good news because it means you are able to prevent back injuries altogether and prevent them from getting worse. Below are a couple of great tips from your Carrollton TX chiropractor at Carrollton Family Chiropractic to prevent back injuries.

Pay Attention to Your Lifting Technique

Lifting objects at work or at home has lasting effects on the health of your back. When lifting with proper form, which is when your spine is correctly aligned, there is no added pressure on your spine and your leg muscles do the lifting as they were designed. The proper form is to bend your knees and keep the back straight as you grab and lift anything off the ground.

If you are performing a process that requires a lot of lifting, try placing objects in locations not close to the ground so you do not need to bend far to grab them. The muscles in the back are not nearly as powerful as those in the legs, so when the back is used as a crane, extreme stress is put on the spine. Make sure to lift with your legs and if you want to turn, move your feet.

Sensible Body Management in Carrollton TX

Keeping your back in mind when playing sports or performing activities is a good method for maintaining back health. This includes stretching before every physical activity, taking it slow, and taking breaks if you have a long task to do. Stretching during breaks is helpful as well.

Becoming physically fit protects the back as more muscle is developed around the spine to support it. Losing weight and strengthening muscles in the abdomen and back all are helpful. It is common for doctors to also recommend sleeping on a firm mattress that gives good support to the back.

Don’t Let Injuries Linger

If an injury occurs even while executing these tips do not hesitate to seek help from a Carrollton TX chiropractor. Back injuries like bulging discs, herniated discs, spinal misalignments, and others progressively get worse if not treated. Treatment will increase blood flow to the injured area, free pinched or compressed nerves, and have you on the right track to recovery.

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